STRØM Error 25

Error 25 is a breaking error. This is the function that instantly kills the electric motor when braking. It means you need to adjust one or both of your brake sensors placed on the lower side of the brake.

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PDF-Guide Coming soon

Step by step

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Step 4

1 – Turn on. the display

Turn on the display to see error 25 (Error 5 on LED display).


– Locate the issue

Screw apart the right red brake connectors on the handlebar first, and then the left red brake connector until the error on your display disappears. This will help you locate which brake lever have the issue

3 – Restart the bike

When error 25 has been located connect the wires again and restart the bike

4 – The adjustment

Adjust the screw on the brake lever to left or right until the error disappears. If the screw is binding, apply some WD40 or another degreaser to help loosen the screws. (Be very careful while turning the screw as you might break the sensor mount applying too much pressure).