Bike update – production status

Delivery time pushed until April of 2023

Dear Backers,

Here is an update on the delivery of your bikes, as promised.

First of all, please know that we are very sorry that we have not been able to deliver the bikes on the estimated date – August/September.

Please do also not think that pushing the delivery date forward has been a dream scenario for us, as it has been a big risk of creating dissatisfied customers at STRØM – ultimately I don’t think that is a dream scenario for any companies.

We agree that we could have been more proactive in providing updates to your backers. However, the lack of updates is because we ourselves internally at STRØM have been super frustrated and confused by the lack of information from our own suppliers about delivery times, etc – which has therefore made it very difficult for us to communicate anything concrete and specific to you as well.

As mentioned before, we had decided to move our production to Poland rather than Thailand, in the hope of speeding up the delivery time of your bikes.

During some of our last visits to our factory in Poland, we were not able to approve the frames and forks sample quality, as it is difficult to make inner battery frames to perfection – as of this, we had to make a U-turn back to Thailand to secure frame quality.

Our major concern was quality control, but Nichlas our CEO made the difficult decisions, and the production team already arrived in Bangkok in early December to make sure we don’t repeat previous mistakes.

We have therefore chosen to continue to have some of the components produced in Thailand, which has pushed the delivery time to April next year 2023. They will be finished in April and then we need to ship them back from Asia, which takes 40 days – so your bikes will be on their way to you soon! – the same applies for carriers and baskets, in terms of delivery.

We will probably disappoint some of you customers because of this, but we would rather choose to deliver some super cool and quality-conscious bikes to you, than something that we can’t approve as a company, and that doesn’t live up to the quality and cool design that STRØM is known for – I really hope you can understand this decision.

I know the delay has affected some of your customers negatively and we fully understand that, but we hope you will join us in looking forward to a brighter future with some super cool and high-quality bikes in sight.

Our next update will come from our factory with Nichlas explaining more about challenges and solutions – and how we will ensure the best STRØM Bikes ever built.

Future communication regarding the bikes, delivery time, etc. are requested via our website, by filling out the contact form below:…

We ask, that all communication in the future takes place through one channel (our website) so we can make sure we get back to all you backers and provide good customer service with our new team.

Best regards

Team STRØM bikes.