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Here we will share insights and perspectives from the world of electric bikes, sustainable inner-city commuting, design thoughts and much more related to what we do and the mission we have set our sails for. We are excited about this journey that we have embarked on and hope that you will feel inspired being part of the greater STRØM Experience.

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Electric Bikes & Health Benefits

ELECTRIC BIKES & HEALTH BENEFITS Electric bikes come with a long range of health benefits. Research shows that not only do people on average ride much longer distances than on regular bikes, but they also experience less long-term risk of various lifestyle-related diseases, have fewer [...]

Design as a tool for change 2

DESIGN AS A TOOL FOR CHANGE 2: Customization & Design For Disassembly STRØM Bikes are designed to provide a sustainable and convenient way of commuting inside of cities. An important part of our design philosophy is about customization, making it possible to tailor one's ride to [...]

Design as a tool for change

DESIGN AS A TOOL FOR CHANGE  How we envision sustainable urban mobility Our inspiration to create positive change through design has to be seen in a 20th-century historical context where Danish design had welfare and democratic inclusion in scope. Once again, design used as a [...]

Direct to you

DIRECT TO YOU  A business model without intermediaries We are on a mission about changing the way we commute. An import part of this is to make our electric bikes accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore we have chosen a model we call [...]

Future urban mobility

THE FUTURE OF URBAN MOBILITY How urban mobility is changed by electric bikes At a time where both lifestyle diseases and extensive urban pollution are estimated to become even bigger threats in the future, it’s worth giving thought to all [...]


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