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  • STRØM Citybike

    2-4 days delivery Buy now
    STRØM Citybike Starting at  1,400

    Popular designs
    Our minimalistic design is loved bye more then +2000 happy customers all over the globe.

    High quality
    Our components are carefully choosen as only the best belongs on our electric bikes.

    Bang for the buck
    If you ask us, anyone should be able to afford a smart e-bike.

    Fast, Felxible & Easy
    Feel the freedom


    Integrated lighting system


    Charge your mobile on the go


    Up to 25 km/h


    Up to 80 km on one charge


    Frame: Solid, light aluminium

    Weight: 24 kgs

    Brakes: Hydraulic brakes

    Battery: Samsung 10.4 Ah

    Color: Black or white

    Gear: 7-speed Shimano

    Tires: Schwalbe marathon greenguard

    Screws: Stainless steel

    Chain-guard: STRØM custom-made

    Fenders: STRØM Custom-made

    Lights: STRØM Custom-made

    Sadle: VELO

    Handlebar: STRØM Custom-made

    Grips: STRØM Custom-made

    Motor: STRØM Engine

    Wires: STRØM Custom-made


    Integreret lygtesystem

    Op til 80 km på én lading

    Op til 25 km/t

    Oplad din mobil på farten

    Porduct info: +45 61 60 61 60 or


    Ofte stillede spørgsmål

    How can you sell your e-bike at such a low price?

    We’re selling our e-bike at a significant discount to ensure we can start up production. We can sell STRØM CITY at this affordable price because you are buying directly from us (the manufacturer) and skipping all intermediaries

    Where is the battery located and how do I charge it?

    The battery is located inside the frame to achieve a streamlined look. However, it is detachable, so you can remove it from the frame and charge it at home, the office or wherever you happen to be. You can also charge the battery while it is attached to the bike.

    What’s the warranty?

    2 years warranty world-wide

    How far can I go on one charge?

    Up to 80 km on one single charge.