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My battery key tip2021-05-04T13:30:03+02:00

We recommend you take a picture of your battery key when you receive your bike. In the case you lose your key you will be able to order a new key online without having to change the whole lock system.

What is your return policy?2021-02-11T11:50:50+01:00


We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee when you have received your bike if you are not satisfied. If you decide to return your bike it must be in new and resellable condition. The bike must be returned to our warehouse and the shipping cost must be covered by you.
Please note: A 15% refund charge will be applied as they will be lost to Indiegogo as a platform and administration fee.

Read more in our Terms & Conditions.

Who is responsible for taxes and duties?2020-12-01T15:42:06+01:00

The backer is responsible for any additional taxes, duties, and VAT. Taxes, duties, and VAT vary from country to country.

In the US, the taxes, duties, and VAT are 0% + sales tax. In Europe, the amount is 25% VAT and 6% duties. For other countries, please check the regulations in your country before purchasing.

Please note that taxes, duties, and VAT will be collected after the campaign ends and before we start shipping.

What about spare parts and repairs?2021-02-10T17:00:58+01:00


All parts on the e-bike can be bought at our online store at an affordable price. In case something happens to your bike, we’ve produced a selection of helpful video tutorials on how to fix the most common issues.

How is the bike delivered?2021-02-10T14:28:09+01:00


The e-bike is delivered almost fully assembled. An easy-to-follow assembly video guide is included. If you don’t like to do it yourself we recommend you to bring it to your local bike dealer – they will put it together for approx. 50 Euros including adjustments to brakes and gear.

Do you offer test-rides?2021-02-11T11:43:19+01:00


We offer test rides in Copenhagen, and occasionally other parts of Denmark. Contact us by email at to book an appointment. We will also be hosting demo days in bigger cities in Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. We will be scheduling the events on our Facebook page at

We hope to be able to offer test rides and demonstrations in other countries in the future.

Can the bike handle my weight?2020-12-01T15:42:54+01:00

The bike is tested to handle riders up to 130 kg (286 pounds).

Where is the battery located and how do I charge it?2021-02-10T17:03:07+01:00


The battery is located inside the frame to achieve a streamlined look. However, it is detachable, so you can remove it from the frame and charge it at home, the office, or wherever you happen to be. You can also charge the battery while it is attached to the bike.

Please note that the actual distance varies from your battery size pick and different factors like temperature, weight, driving habits, and more.

Can everybody get a 50 % discount?2021-02-10T15:17:35+01:00


No. This is a strictly limited offer available ONLY on Indiegogo for a short period of time. The price will rise to the expected retail price after the campaign.

How can you sell your e-bike at such a low price?2021-02-10T15:16:21+01:00


We’re selling our e-bike at a significant discount to ensure we can start up production. We can sell STRØM CITY at this affordable price because you are buying directly from us (the manufacturer) and skipping all intermediaries.

What’s the warranty?2020-12-01T15:49:48+01:00

2 years electronic warranty & 5 years frame warranty world-wide.

Can I buy the US model if I don’t live in the US?2021-02-10T15:41:31+01:00


Yes. We deliver both models worldwide. Please note, however, that the US model is not legal in most European countries. Please check your country’s legislation before purchasing.

What size STRØM e-bike do I need?2021-02-11T11:48:42+01:00


STRØM City W is available in one size to fit all design (155-200 cm/61-77 inches). The bike comes with adjustable handlebar and saddle.

What is the pedal-assist?2021-02-11T11:41:11+01:00


Pedal-assist is featured on both models and allows you to choose between 6 levels of assist from the electric motor (0-5). The electric pedal assist kicks in as soon as you start pedaling.

What is a turbo throttle?2021-02-11T12:19:57+01:00


A turbo thumb throttle is an automatic speeder featured on the US model that allows you to run fully electric when the throttle is pushed. The thumb throttle is not permitted on the EU model due to current European legal requirements.

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