STRØM Bikes’ mission is to make the electric bike the preferred means of transport from A to B in urban contexts. For this to succeed, three crucial parameters have to come together: sleek design, high quality and affordable prices. We believe that when these three parameters are added together, we offer the best electric bike on the market.

In recent years, e bikes are gaining a large following among Danes, as well as most places in Europe. Nowadays, it is now not uncommon to see electric bikes in many variants whizzing through the traffic. For years, it seems that the Danes, despite a distinct cycling culture among all sections of the population, have associated the electric bike with older generations. Or the ones a little too lazy to choose the good old manual bike. But studies show that the electric bike, on the contrary, makes the cyclist ride significantly longer distances. In addition, as ebikes outweigh the exercise that the normal bike offers, this is probably a wrong view.

At STRØM Bikes, we want to change this. We want the electric bike to become public property and replace cars in the heavy inner-city traffic. In our view, the electric bicycle has the potential to become the new status symbol that the car previously constituted for the modern citizen. This way associated with a healthy and active lifestyle with concern for climate and environment.

Best Price

When we look around at other electric bikes, it is not unusual for an electric bike to cost from 2000€ and up. We think this is a lot of money for the average rider. And we are convinced that high prices can be a stumbling block for many first-time buyers of electric bicycles.

That is why we believe in our model called ‘direct to you’. Here, we send our electric bikes directly from the factory to consumer without any costly intermediaries. Thus, we can keep the price around a ⅓ below what similar models stand for when comparing design and quality level.

We think our model is a model for the future. First and foremost because it supports our mission to get as many electric bikes on the roads as possible. If the electric bike is to affect how urban commuters travel from A to B, as a real alternative to the car, the price must keep up to make it attractive enough.

With the pricing in mind, you will get a STRØM ebike that could be significantly higher priced when taking design and quality into account. In our belief, it just wouldn’t be related to making electric bikes ‘accessible’ in the broadest sense. Taking all parameters into account we are convinced that we deliver the best electric bike on the market.

Recommendations – electric bike test

Don’t just take our word for it. We are luckily not the only ones fancying our electric bikes. International magazines such as Designboom, New Atlas and Design Matters have among others mentioned our bikes with high praise.

In an electric bike test with the Dutch media Gadget Gear, our City W was lastly rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We are proud to say that our electric bikes are something special. Should you want to try for yourself, you are always welcome to book a test ride or contact us directly.