Get a great offer on our stylish and affordable electric bikes and buy your new e-bike today. We also offer payment plans, business leasing and test rides of our electric bikes.

At STRØM Bikes, we take pride in offering our electric bikes of high quality and elegant Danish design, at reasonable prices. With these elements put together, we are not pale in saying that we are the best electric bike for the price – in fact, so convinced that we have promised a medal to those who can make us aware of a better electric bike offer.

We use crowdfunding when launching new models, where the best price is given early in the process. This way we can reward those contributing and supporting us from the start of the process while helping us to put new products into production. This is the basis for the model we call ‘Direct To You’, where we send electric bicycles directly from the factory to the consumer’s front door.

Compared to many other e bike models on the market, this model allows us to sell our electric bikes around ⅓ of the price below market standard. Design, quality and price put together, this is what we call the city’s best electric bike offer.


We have made an agreement with different payment providers which ensures that you can buy your STRØM electric bike in instalments if you wish. This means that for a fixed monthly amount, you can repay your bike over, for example, 6 or 12 months following a payment plan. This makes buying your new STRØM e bike even easier and more flexible than before. Read more about instalments and our payment plans here.


Maybe it was something to lease an electric bike over the salary? With our special business leasing of STRØM e bikes, you can now get an electric bike available by paying a fixed monthly amount over the salary.

There are different ways to do it. You and your employer can split the amount between you, or the company can pay the full amount as an employee benefit. In our belief, healthy and motivated employees are the best investment any company can make, so maybe your boss just needs to be introduced to the idea of ​​electric bikes for employees?

If you lack good arguments, you can read more about the health benefits that come with the electric bike as a daily means of transport here.

And if you already feel convinced or want to hear more about our business packages, you can find more information and direct contact with our sales department here.


If you most of all just want to try an electric bike, you can see more here or book a test ride. We know that it can be difficult to choose a new electric bike without having ridden the two-wheeler before. We currently have bookings and test tours in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg in Denmark. We are planning on offering test rides in major European cities through 2021. Sign up for our newsletter for more information on this.