Once you have decided to buy an electric bike, it can be difficult to figure out which electric bike model of the many possible electric bikes is the right one for you. If you are a first-time buyer, you may have various questions about the electric bike battery, motor or other components that are crucial for driving, performance and range. You are always welcome to contact us directly or come by for a test ride.

Alternatively, we give you a review of the different STRØM Bikes:

  • STRØM City M
  • STRØM City W 
  • STRØM Fat Bike – launching in 2021


Our STRØM City Bike M is our most popular model and is like a classic City Bike simply with electric assistance and a long range of smart functionalities. It is an excellent ‘all-rounder’ and will do well in the city as well as on longer trips on the road, along the water or in the woods.

Many of our customers use their City M on their daily trip to and from work. With a slightly forward-bent riding position and high speed, it will feel like a racing bike when flying through the city or straight out of major transport routes. With sun in your face, fresh air and music in your ears, you will not get a much better start to the day. In addition, you can come to work without the need to take a shower as you barely sweat due to assistance from the electric motor.

Our City M comes with 7 external Shimano gears and disc brakes from Tektro (hydraulic or mechanical). The rear-wheel electric motor takes you up to 25 km / h – with a range of up to 60km on our standard battery (10.4 Ah) or up to 80km on our large ‘go further’ battery (14 Ah).

With our unique basket child seat and bag carrier solutions, it can be adapted to most needs with great flexibility. We are not afraid to say that with this unique electric bike you will feel like a king or a queen of the bike path.

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STRØM City W is a variation of our classic City Bike. It comes without the vertical top bar, but is instead designed as a classic step-through ebike. Like our other City Bike, it excels as a means of transport from A to B, for daily chores where an integrated rack or basket applies, or for a trip in the countryside at the weekend.

The riding position is comfortable – pure ‘cruiser style’ – the modern and stylish way with speed, wind and high driving comfort to bring you pleasure. With a hydraulic suspension fork, suspension and comfort can be made even higher. We ourselves absolutely love riding this bike!

Our City Bike W comes with 3 internal Shimano gears and a foot brake. In addition, you also have the option of choosing between either mechanical or hydraulic brakes from Tektro for the handle brake.

With a balanced and powerful front-wheel motor, it takes you up to 25 km / h – also with a range of up to 60km on our standard battery (10.4 Ah) or up to 80km on our large battery (14 Ah).

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Our new Fat Bike is an ‘electric mtb’ (mountain bike) with wide tires, suspension and ideal for adventures, rides in the forest or as a different electric bike for riding in the city. With large wide tires (hence the name Fat Bike), this type of electric bike makes itself formidable in all-terrain, where fun and play are paramount. Whether it is in the snow, on the beach or in the woods, this electric bike will fully cover your needs.

With great suspension and wide tires, you get the full experience of riding a mountain bike, simply with electric assistance to help you up the steepest hills or cover the trip home. With varying assistance levels, you simply switch off the engine if you want exercise and sweat on the forehead as in normal mtb driving.

Flexibility is a keyword. Where the fat bike automatically brings fun going off-road, it can easily cover the daily rides in the city. It’s about riding style – and our fat bike automatically gives the feeling of freedom and urge to stroll away at high speed and with wind in the back.

Like our City Bike, the Fat Bike comes with 7 external Shimano gears and disc brakes from Tektro (hydraulic or mechanical). A high-quality electric motor mounted in the rear wheel will take you up to 25km / h – with a range of up to 60km on our standard battery (10.4 Ah) or up to 80km on our large battery (14 Ah).

You are, so to speak, well covered in whatever the adventure consists of. With our Fat Bike you are guaranteed fun, wind in your hair and the feeling of freedom.

Are you still not convinced which electric bike model is right for you? You are always welcome to contact us to hear more or book a test ride (currently in Denmark only) for trying out which electric bike feels right to you.

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