Are you looking for a new electric bike in Aarhus or the surrounding area? We offer the perfect match for the hard hills and your daily trips in and around Aarhus. Add flexibility and convenience to your daily ride with a STRØM e-bike.

An electric bicycle in Aarhus is a must-have for the hilly landscape in the city. With an electric bike from STRØM Bikes, it is over with getting frustrated and sweaty at work or school. At STRØM Bikes you get an electric bike at the best price. We are the manufacturer of the bikes, and you buy them directly through us. That way, there is no third party (store/bike dealer) who will make money on you.

Our goal is to do away with the norm that good electric bikes must cost up to 20,000 DKK. We want to deliver an electric bike of high quality and design at a price that is affordable. With us, you can be sure to buy stylish, high-quality electric bicycles at a very good price.

On our website under electric bikes you will find an overview of our various e-bike models and accessories to customize your bike as needed.

The perfect electric bike

Our electric bikes are the perfect match for the hard hills in Aarhus. Our ideology is that one should focus more on the moment instead of the destination. It is now possible with an electric bike from STRØM. No more hassles with steep hills, and hard headwinds. Whether it is a bike ride in Aarhus City, in the woods, on the beach or daily transport to and from work, we are convinced that our electric bikes are the right choice for your daily trips in Aarhus.

The great thing about an electric bike is that you can completely control the level of how much assistance you want from the engine. If you want exercise, it is no problem. Just turn the level to 0 and the electric bike will function like a fairly ordinary bike. If, on the other hand, you have a hard day with hills and headwinds, you simply turn the level to 5. Here you will appreciate receiving the extremely comfortable help from the engine.

Maybe you have already seen our electric bike in the cityscape of Aarhus and the surrounding area, as we have many happy customers here. You can book a test ride with one of our local ambassadors. And you can rest assured that you can shop safely at STRØM Bikes – we have fast and secure delivery to your door.

In addition to high quality, simple design and a modern look at an affordable price, STRØM Bikes is much more than that. Our mission is to make urban transport easier and more sustainable. Congestion and traffic is a known phenomenon in most cities, and especially in a big city like Aarhus. An electric bicycle is therefore ideal for getting quickly and comfortably through inner-city traffic.

Our mission is to create the ultimate solution to get people on the bike. This includes, not only our modern electric bikes, but also unique accessories to create the perfect ride and cover every need. Flexibility is the key – and with STRØM Bikes, cycling has never been more comfortable.

What type of electric bike should I choose?