Are you looking for an electric bike in Odense or the surrounding area? We offer the perfect match for the soft hills and your daily trips in the cosy city Odense. Add flexibility and convenience to your daily ride with a STRØM e-bike.

If you live in Odense, and are looking for an electric bike, we are the right place to go.

An electric bicycle is a good means of transport to a big city like Odense. Congestion is a growing problem in most cities. In fact, there have never been more cars on the roads than there are today. The average Dane has a commuter distance of less than 20 km to work, and therefore it is often laziness, old habits or bad biking experiences from the past that makes so many people take the car on these distances.

When you also think about how much time we spend sitting in traffic, it is in our best belief only a matter of time before the electric bike will make its right entry into the Danes’ daily commute to and from work.

At STRØM Bikes, we have developed our response to getting people on the bike. Our electric bikes are a perfect match for wherever your trip goes. The beach, the forest, work, school or just a bike ride out into the blue over the Funen hills and small port towns. Combined with the comfortable push from the engine your trip will be a real pleasure. We are of the belief that it is not just about getting from A to B, but that one should focus on the moment instead of the destination. STRØM Bikes makes this easier than ever before no matter steep hills or headwind.

A flexible means of transport in Odense

Maybe you have already come across a STRØM electric bike in Odense or other cities, as we have customers in almost all cities in Denmark. We have a fast and safe delivery of electric bikes to the door in Odense and the surrounding area, so you can safely shop with us.

A small push in the right direction is what STRØM Bikes is trying to offer. Our intelligent display lets you control the level of the electric bike according to your mood during the day. If you want to exercise, you simply turn the level to 0, and the bike works as a fairly ordinary bike with gears. If, on the other hand, you want a ‘boost’ from the engine, you turn the level to 5, and you will notice, with a minimal effort on the pedals, an extremely comfortable help from the engine. It has never been more comfortable to ride a STRØM electric bike.

So what type of electric bike should I choose? 

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