STRØM City M Motor Repalcement

Please follow the video or pdf guide in order to change the motor for your STRØM City M.

PDF Guide
PDF Guide

Step by step

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Step 5

1 – Removal the motor cable

In order to remove the rear wheel you need to remove the motor cable and this is done by unscrewing the smartwire and removing the zip ties holding it in place.

2 – Remove the wheel

Before removing the wheel, you need to take the bolts off on both sides of the rear wheel. When this is done you can simply remove the wheel by pulling back the gear shifter and gently pull out the wheel.

3 – Remove the screws for the motor

To disassemble the bike you need to remove the six screws holding the motor together. Put some weight in to ensure that you don’t break the screws.

4 – Split the motor apart

Hit the metal bar on the opposite side of the cable is connected to. After a couple of gentle hits, the motor should come apart. Remember to remove the clutch from inside the housing, if it isn’t already out.

5 – Reassembly

Replace the old motor with the new motor sent to you, and reassemble it, as shown in the video. After assembling the motor you are now ready to put the bike back together and get out riding again!