How do we store your information?

To make a purchase at STRØM Bike, we need the following information:
E-mail address

The register of your personal information is collected with the purpose of being able to deliver the product/s to you. Personal data registered at STRØM Bike ApS is kept for five years, where after it will be deleted. When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens on your explicit consent, so that you are always informed of exactly what information is collected and why. STRØM Bike ApS and the executives is the only persons able to access the data stored.

As registered on STRØM Bike ApS you always have the right to raise objections to your registration. You do also have the right to know what information we have stored on you. You have these rights as result of the Danish Personal Data Act and inquiries hereto should be addressed to our email at