If you already have a STRØM Bike you can apply to receive more information on how to take part in our STRØM Ambassador Program.


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What is a STRØM Ambassador?

The STRØM Ambassador Program will give you the opportunity to share your STRØM experiences and ideas, help other riders locally, and earn an income by hosting test rides with your STRØM ebike.

As an Ambassador you will be a recognized trusted person with different levels of technical and confidential knowledge on STRØM Bikes. You will benefit from exclusive discounts on our new products and other advantages as part of our local sales and support team.

Depending on your level of commitment you will become part of innovations, sales and community-oriented efforts across different cities, countries & continents. 

We invite you to embark on this collective journey of making inner-city commuting more sustainable and convenient.

STRØM Ambassador F.A.Q.

– Must have an STRØM Bike.

– Desire to share your experience and knowledge within our community.

– Having great to non-technical experience – we all learn throughout the process.

– Take part in making the world a more sustainable place to be while earning a side income on hosting test rides.

– Become knowledgeable about the exciting world of e-bikes.

– Great benefits of early news, inventions and discounts across new products and accessories.

– When someone wants to test ride your bike.

– When the community needs you at a local level.

– When we test new products and innovations.