City Bike – Controller Check/Exchange

This video shows you how to check and exchange the controller on your STRØM City Bike

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Controller Check

1) Take out the cable hider from under the frame. 

2) Disconnect the cable going to the handlebar from under the frame 

3) Disconnect the cable going to the motor at the crank 

4) Connect the included battery connector to the controller. Red to red and black to black and so forth

5) Connect the longest cable to the motor 

6) Connect the black cable to the cable going to the handlebar

7) Now you’re ready to test the controller

  • Turn on the battery and your display
  • Let the bike rest on the kickstand and tilt up the bike.
  • Hold down minus until the wheel starts running – If you have a throttle you can use this.

Controller Disassembly

  1. Disconnect the controller you’ve just tested
  2. – Unscrew and disconnect all cables
    1. Motor
    2. Pas
    3. Front light
    4. Rear light
    5. Handlebar cable
  3. Take out the fork.
  4. For this you’ll need the 5 mm hex key
    • Unscrew the hex bolts on the side of the stem
  5. Lower the adjustable stem to the lowest position
  6. That out the plastic cap and place the hex key inside the hole
    1. Start screwing the bolt inside the fork counter clockwise until it comes off
    2. Collect the parts coming off as the fork comes off
  7. Take out the front light by unscrewing the small Phillips screw and pulling it out gently
  8. Now you’re ready to take out the existing controller
  9. Take out the battery if you haven’t already done this
  10. Remove the rubberstrip
  11. Unscrew the plate that connects the battery
    1. First remove the 3 screws on the bottom of the frame
    2. Remove the small black one and 2 bigger silver screws on the battery connector
    3. Pull it out gently
  12. Remove the cylinder
  13. Remove the controller by pulling gently and push the cables meanwhile
  14. Unscrew the remaining wires

Controller reassembly

  1. Reconnect the wires for the rear and front light.
    1. Make sure that the wires aren’t twisted
  2. Push in the controller gently
    1. Pull the cable for the front and rear light meanwhile
  3. Push the remaining cables through the hole the hole in the bottom of the frame
  4. Make sure that the controller is sitting exactly as shown on the pictures as you otherwise won’t be able to fit the cylinder
  5. Placement of the cylinder
    1. Put in the rubber piece
    2. Connect the battery connector to the red and black cable once again
    3. Stuff the cables back in and leave the least amount as possible hanging
    4. Put in the cylinder and “grab” it with the key through.
    5. Put in the battery connector plate
    6. Put the 6 screws back in to lock the battery connector in place
  6. Put the front light back in and insert the small screw
  7. Placement of the fork
    1. Place the first O-ring and lower the fork into the cylinder
    2. Place the second O-ring on the lower side of the fork, then the bigger rubber one
  8. Connect the brake caliper once again
  9. Put the handlebar back in place
  10. Connect the remaining wires by following the colour coding
  11. Hide the cables in the cablehider place the cable cover


5 mm hex key 


Phillips screwdriver