Suspension fork installation (STRØM City W)

This video will show you how to safely install our suspension fork for STRØM city M
The video guide will show you step-by-step and how to safely get on the road with your new suspension fork.
Below the video we also have a step by step guide as a reference to the video.

Step by step

Step 1: Check if you have it all!
Step 2: How to get started
Step 3: Remove the frontwheel
Step 4: Remove the old fork
Step 5: Instal the new fork
Step 6: You’re good to go!

Tools needed 

Allen hex key – mm



Side cutter

Cable tie

Bike stand (Nice to have)

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1 – Check if you have it all!

First, make sure that all the components are present.

1. The fork crown race.
It´s a small silver ring attached to the bottom of the pipe. It is very important that the fork has this piece in order to rotate properly. Do not attempt to install the fork unless it is present. (See the first photo to the left)

2. Fenderlegs.
New legs for the front fender should also be present.

3. The Extension Cable.
A cable to help connect the motor to the rest of the bike.

2 – How to get started

Before we start, make sure the conditions are right.

Make sure that the bike is either on a bike repair stand or is protected from the hard surface.

Also, be sure to do it in a dry environment.

3 – Remove the frontwheel

Use the 15mm wrench to remove the front wheel.

4 – Remove the old fork

First start by unscrew the headset off.

Once the headset and handlebar is off, you can then take the old fork out.

Use the an Allen hex key and 10mm wrench to unscrew the fender.

5 – Instal the new fork

  1. Before inserting the new fork, start by installing the fender with the new legs.
  2. Insert the fork.
  3. Place the headset and start to screw it in. Make sure that they are properly aligned.
  4. Plug in the extension cable and use the cable strips to secure it.

6 – You’re good to go!

Enjoy the suspension fork and the smooth ride it provides!